Cyd Rust

Life: The Emergence by Cyd Rust


Life: The Emergence

by Cyd Rust

36" x 36"





THE EMERGENCE is the first painting in my new series LIFE. Since I began intuitive painting I have fought against the images that were constantly appearing, trying to stay non-objective. But recently I decided to let myself play, and see what would come of it. They have become something of a mashup of all my years of training and it was quite exciting to find the images in the abstracts and add to the story. I had so much fun in fact, I have decided to create a series. I named this first work The Emergence. I love double entendres. And this one has at least 5. ps..if you are a butterfly officianado, please forgive me. I did take a few liberties in the name of art. ~ Cyd


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