Lucy Dickens

Bloom Where You Are by Lucy Dickens


Bloom Where You Are

by Lucy Dickens

36" x 24"





Years ago my landscaper planted the most beautiful plant, with vibrant violet purple flowers, dancing in the breeze. Instantly I fell in love with them and how abundantly they bloomed. Asking what they were I was surprised to hear him say a Blue Hibiscus. While the flower was similar in shape they were certainly not blue and the leaves were very different, not tropical but more arid in color and shape. Moving to my new home, I knew I had to have them again. Through my new landscaper I learned while this was their nickname they were not a hibiscus at all. I was right! The botanical name is Alyogyne Huegelii, a native of Western Australia, a beauty from down under. They are drought tolerant and flourish well in our climate once established. Once established…isn’t that like us? Don’t we experience times of being uprooted, landing somewhere we never expected. We go through growing pains and struggles, being pruned along the way. As with flowers, pruning is a necessary part to the health of the plant causing renewed growth and strength. Sometimes a transplant is necessary. What is the key then? Choosing to be content in our circumstances whatever they may be and looking for the positive, being open to change. Choose to bloom where you are, the beautiful creation you are and were meant to be. Life is not so much where you are and what circumstances you are going through but how you go through them, looking for the silver lining on the horizon, the lesson, the gift, and trusting you are right where you are supposed to be…for now.


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