Joseph Thomas

Stardust by Joseph Thomas



by Joseph Thomas

32" x 24"

Fine Art Photography




A meteor shoots through the night sky like an arrow from Apollo's quiver. I set out on this dark August night to photograph the magic of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. The meteors occur when the Earth's orbit travels through the dust cloud of Comet Swift Tuttle. While I captured many meteors on this resplendent night, this was the one shooting star that was perfectly positioned in the frame. This image can go well with my photograph "Catch a Falling Star" (also available through Xanadu) when purchased as a set. The Gallery Stack Mounting I use for this image is an alternative to traditional framing that gives images maximum color, minimum glare, and a clean contemporary look. Go to this web address to see an example of the Gallery Stack mounting system: This photograph is also available in a variety of sizes and mounting options to fit your space, decor, and budget. Please contact me at to find out more information and be sure to let me know that you found this image through Xanadu.


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