Helen L. Rietz

Face to the Late Day Sun by Helen L. Rietz


Face to the Late Day Sun

by Helen L. Rietz

18" x 12"





Looking north toward the fading sun, this old building in the heart of Elkhorn stands witness to a familiar story in the West.

In 1872, deep in the Elkhorn Mountains of Montana, a Swiss immigrant discovered silver and a Montana capitalist built a mine. In the next few decades, the town boomed, with 2500 inhabitants and $14 million in silver extracted.

But booms often turn to bust. By the end of the century, demand for silver was waning, a diphtheria epidemic hit the town hard, and the railroad moved away.

Today, most of the town has vanished. But a few architectural gems have been preserved, and are watched over by about a dozen residents who have reoccupied old cabins and live a hermit's life in this remote, peaceful place.

All of my works are professionally matted and framed, with non-glare conservation glass. Please note that the dimensions above are for the image only; the framed work is larger. You can contact me for a description and photo of the painting fully framed.


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