Joseph Thomas

Great Sand Dunes Panorama by Joseph Thomas


Great Sand Dunes Panorama

by Joseph Thomas

53" x 27"

Fine Art Photography




On this day, I was making my way circuitously into the heart of the vast expanse of dunes. I had no idea what I would find, and with thick clouds and heavy rain drenching me the entire way, I was certain my efforts would be fruitless. When I reached this high plateau, I knew I had found a truly special place. I began setting up, still doubting conditions would improve. Then the magic happened! The sun dipped below the cloud ceiling and for a few brief moments, beamed vermillion light onto the rippled sand before me and set the distant rainfall ablaze.“This image is immediately striking, but as you look at it for a few moments the many facets of the scene emerge. There’s the starburst sun hanging just above the horizon, the texture of the sand dunes, the brooding clouds, the rain shower being lit up by the warm sunlight and the snow-covered mountain summit.” Christopher Robinson, Editor, Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Aluminum stack mounting is an alternative to traditional framing that gives images maximum color, minimum glare, and a clean contemporary look. The print is mounted on a 3/8 inch high density wood and finished with a matte finish vynal laminate that is heat pressed to the print and finished with a black beveled edge. This is then stacked onto a swirl textured aluminum back plaque that floats off the wall. Go to the following web address to see the aluminum stack mounting system:


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