Iza Campos

The Violinist by Iza Campos


The Violinist

by Iza Campos

7" x 9"





Plate preparation for electro-etching in a copper sulfate solution is a ritual meant to find contact between the plate and the Copper hooks as conduit of the electrical current controlled by the power supplier.The safer and more effective current levels are between 0.5 and 0.8 and combined with voltage @ 0.7 . Every 15 to 20 minutes, I remove the plate from the copper sulfate bath and work on the stop-outs again. I pick the stop-outs or grounds from various recipes using different types of ingredients. The deep blacks on the image are the results of Electrotint. Electrotint replaces rosin and spray to achieve similar effects as Aquatint. Applying the Electrolytic process, simple and direct "open bite" etches to produce the blacks and grays seen in this "Violinist" etched on copper plate. http://lotusandspice.com/electroetching-easy-precise-and-very-clean-process/ http://lotusandspice.com/finally-electrotinted-deep-blacks/


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