Joseph Thomas

When Autumn Goes by Joseph Thomas


When Autumn Goes

by Joseph Thomas

24" x 41"

Fine Art Photography




The last traces of autumn dot the powdery braches of an aspen grove. The night before getting this shot, the landscape was dry as I crawled into my tent with a winter storm blowing in. After a shivering night, I awoke to a peaceful wonderland of fresh white snow. I liked the look of this aspen grove with a few golden leaves adorning the trees. The complex weave of tangled branches and the random pattern of lingering foliage made for a compelling abstract composition. Gallery plaque mounting is an alternative to traditional framing that gives images maximum color, minimum glare, and a clean contemporary look. The print is mounted on a 3/8 inch high density wood substrate and sealed with a matte finish vinyl laminate that is heat pressed to the print and finished with a black beveled edge. This is then mounted seamlessly to a 1" thick black frame. The final product is a durable UV, water, and fingerprint resistant image with a 1-3/8"-thick black beveled frame that hangs flush against the wall. This photograph is also available in a variety of sizes and mounting options to suit your space and decor.


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