Yvonne Gaudet

Yucaipa Calimesa by Yvonne Gaudet


Yucaipa Calimesa

by Yvonne Gaudet

24" x 24"

Mixed Media on Panel




DOER of GOoD - Sheep. "Helper of Those Who No One Helps". Acrylic & Collage. Painted edges coordinate with the piece; no framing needed. Wired and ready to hang. ARTIST'S NOTES: Being the youngest and only girl in a large family of eleven sheep, Yucaipa helped her mom with the endless, daily responsibilities on the ranch. (The boys were all busy being boys.) Though she dreamed of frolicking in the meadows, chasing butterflies and eating flowers, Yucaipa saw the exhaustion in her mother's weary eyes and therefore stayed by her side, helping wherever she could. Now, as a grownup sheep, Yucaipa dedicates her life to serving others who no one else helps.


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