Lucy Dickens

Aspen Dance by Lucy Dickens


Aspen Dance

by Lucy Dickens

12" x 9"





Walking through the forest you know Aspens are near long before you see them, the flutter of leaves, their dance and song call out to you. There is nothing quite like that sound, it excited me and fills me with joy. Then I lay eyes on them, run my had against their bark watching the leaves flutter and all of my senses are stimulated. I feel deep in my core this is how we are supposed to "see and feel" nature, with the eyes of a child reveling in the wonder and exploration of creation all around us. It never ceases to amaze me, the endless beauty, truly, in the world from the tiniest most delicate flower to the large mountain ranges and rock formations, the sunrise and sunset, walking through the forest or watching the waves crash, toes in the warm sand. I thank God for the eyes to see and the heart to appreciate all this grandness.


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