Lucy Dickens

Joyful by Lucy Dickens



by Lucy Dickens

24" x 18"





Among the desert flowers Prickly Pear blooms remain a favorite, specially the Santa Rita variety with purple green pads and brilliant yellow flowers. In sharing this with a wonderful friend, Pat Lown (such a talented jeweler), shared that she had some that bloomed red! Now this I had not seen before, I knew I had to come back and experience them in all their glory. She called a couple weeks ago that it was time and off I went. WOW, such beauty, no wonder red and green are complementary colors and clearly by divine design. Don’t flowers just make you want to smile? They make me smile and want to slow down and appreciate every nuance. Such a gift this was, I couldn’t wait to start painting. I started with two mini’s and then this larger painting. Look at them from all angles next time, you never know what you might see, what most catches your eye when you change your perspective… Upon completing the painting I wasn’t sure what to title it…then decided on how I felt while painting. There are times when painting everything seems to fall in line, joy fills my heart and continues to expand. I feel like I am painting in the Spirit and everything else just washes away but the painting evolving before me. It is such an incredible feeling and one so hard to describe. This is why I paint, what draws me so and the drive and desire to share these moments with YOU. It doesn’t happen all the time, yet I am thankful when it does and hope for this more often as I progress as a painter and storyteller. Prints Available


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