Lucy Dickens

Happy Hour at Rene's by Lucy Dickens


Happy Hour at Rene's

by Lucy Dickens

20" x 18"





Linda Kesner recently contacted me for a commission, I am honored to play a part in re-creating this special memory from Rene’s at the Picturesque Tlaquepaque in Sedona, AZ. With her permission, I share an excerpt from her heartfelt words after presenting the painting. Also with her permission, prints are available – details are at the bottom. (Please don’t miss her beautiful tribute poem following!) Hi Lucy Dickens, ~ artist who paints with “guidance from above.” Thank you for capturing the magical “feeling” of the evening spent celebrating love as we renewed our pledges to “love, honour, and obey” on this special Anniversary. This night will always have a special place in my memory. I have had a picture both in my head and in my scrapbook of the setting we enjoyed that wonderful anniversary and knew that one day, when the resources were available and the right artist appeared on the horizon, I would have a painting to present to my husband commemorating the “magical night” at Rene’s in Sedona. When I began looking for new artists to visit at the “Hidden in the Hills” art show this fall, I found a very special artist, Lucy Dickens,…I’ve been looking for almost 8 years. You had the skill to capture the water image, the flowers, beautiful aspens, the “feeling” of the courtyard as a special spiritual sanctuary. Once I had the opportunity to see your artwork in person and to meet you, I knew you understood completely my “vision” for this wonderful tribute a celebration of love. The poem “Portrait” that will hang alongside the piece, is part of a book of my poetry dedicated to love of nature, love of family, romantic love, and spiritual love. I believe this work of art captures all of these “loves” into one amazing work of art. Thank you, Lucy, for being that gifted, sensitive artist who KNEW how to accomplish this emotion on canvas ~ “Happy Hour at Rene’s”. Thanks for all your care and attention to detail and wonderful listening with the heart that a true artist has. It is what makes you unique among artists. Linda and Don Kesner ~ your new patrons of the arts!


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