Lucy Dickens

Simple Pleasures by Lucy Dickens


Simple Pleasures

by Lucy Dickens

20" x 24"





We stayed in a villa for two weeks in the small hilltop village of Vitiana, which was located in the Italian Alps near Lucca. Each of the villas were built connected or very close to each other with small cobblestone paths interconnecting them all. They were so small no vehicles would fit on them and were pretty steep following the contour of the mountain top. I came around one corner and was stopped dead in my tracks. What first caught my eye was the vivid baskets of corn laying on the rocks. They were such a bright orange yellow that I hadn’t seen before. My eyes then traveled over all the beautiful flowers and trellised grape vines, the amazing shadows, and finally to the next villa further away. I even loved the clothes line in the distance and the path heading down the slope. Studying this I just had to take a deep breathe…In our chaotic life of instant gratification, technology, and rushing to and from, there was such an appeal to this simpler way of life, time to relax and to enjoy life’s Simple Pleasures. I don’t for a minute assume that their life is not challenging, but they sure have something figured out that a lot of us may have lost. For me this is a reminder to slow down and enjoy each moment.


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