Lucy Dickens

Come Away With Me by Lucy Dickens


Come Away With Me

by Lucy Dickens

18" x 36"





After an exciting day of adventuring and touring the island of Mykonos on our scooters we returned to the town itself. Mykonos town is such a delight to the senses with all the cubic white homes, colorful blue doors and windows with very narrow streets. The delicious smells of fresh Greek food being prepared close by lured us in. The streets are cobblestone with thick white grout unlike anything I have seen before, they are a labyrinth where you really enjoy getting lost as you explore each twist and turn. When we finally emerged from this maze we found ourselves at a string of restaurants and shops along the water known as Little Venice. Who can resist sitting along the wall watching the waves roll in and listening to the sea gulls call, can you hear them? This photo was actually taken by a friend of mine on the trip with us as we were busy enjoying our delicious chocolate milkshakes on the patio below the green railing. Across from us the famous giant windmills slowly turned. Ah…what a beautiful day!


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