Lucy Dickens

Chasing the Light by Lucy Dickens


Chasing the Light

by Lucy Dickens

24" x 48"





Exploring Sedona’s majestic red rock country, off the pavement, is a time honored tradition of thrilling adventure and spectacular scenery. There are endless dirt roads and trails to experience, Indian ruins, historic sites and great spots to cool off in Oak Creek. The surrounding area is an off-roading paradise from mild to extreme and we certainly lean to the extreme with rock crawling and back country trails! The mystery never seems to end as we explore each new twist and turn, over another hill and through the switchbacks. As we climb and creep, the anticipation builds. What will I see today on this grand adventure in these mystical lands? I am a seeker of beauty, continually chasing after the light. What is it about beauty that draws us so? We know it when we see it deep in our core, whether fiery painted monoliths, sunrays shooting through the canyon, streaks of glittering light in the sky or the way the sun reflects off the tips of leaves fluttering in the breeze. My heart knows, I feel it, I see it, a sense of the divine, calling me,wooing me and I chase farther, faster. Then in beholding these moment, I quiet, my heart expands and my mind calms and time seems to stand still. All my senses are alert as I am fully in the moment. If I could only capture this moment, the beauty, to touch it, to feel it. I stand in awe and I give thanks, recognizing the gift, the blessing in this place. THIS is what I chase after, to behold. Out comes my camera, never far from my side, point and click. Is it even possible to capture this majesty on film or even in paint? How can you fully? And yet this is part of my quest, my calling, who I am as an artist. This is why I paint, to capture these priceless moments of beauty and where it comes from, to recognize it and give thanks, to capture the story and to pass it on to others. I want to share these moments with the world, peace for your soul, joy for your heart.


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