Lucy Dickens

Changing of the Guard by Lucy Dickens


Changing of the Guard

by Lucy Dickens

18" x 36"





On this beautiful summer day we rose early, packed our picnic lunch, and headed out to explore this amazing land all around us. My husband and I chose a new area we had never traveled and before long we found ourselves in a breathtaking meadow filled with bright green grasses and purple iris in full bloom. We chose our picnic spot next to the creek with cows grazing nearby. Soon after we were off exploring again, I wonder where this road will take us? Should we go right or left, what adventure lies ahead down each path? I am always amazed at how we can explore the forest roads and trails near our cabin in the Coconino National Forest endlessly and always find some new treasure we have never seen or experienced before. As the sun began to drop and the shadows grew long we decided we better head for home. We came around the next bend and were stopped dead in our tracks, our eyes transfixed. We had happened upon an old abandoned stable and corral all aglow with the days last sunlight and the moon rising over the tree line. How breathtaking, this changing of the guard and here we are to witness the magic. How many times has this dance played out over these ruins. Who were they that cared for their horses and cattle in this rugged and picturesque land? Why did they leave, where did they go? If only the walls could tell their story… we are left with only our imaginations. And yet maybe that is the best part, the mystery of it all.


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