Susan Brabeau

Barnstormers by Susan Brabeau



by Susan Brabeau

32" x 42"

Oil on Linen Panel




An important time in American history.You could actually meet up these men with their flying machines. They would land locally and give you the thrill of your life getting in a Jenny biplane and soar over the countryside. inspired from my life as a young actress struggling to make ends meet as a waitress. I was so proficient at my job that I also bused my own tables because the bus boys were too slow. My best friend Howard called me Suzanna Barnstorm. That word stuck in my mind many decades until I became interested in recording history. I studied the barstorming days and knew that I had to recreate a scene. I met an American Airline pilot who actually refurbished these beautiful old planes and he is my pilot surrounded by my friends and family to create my story.


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