The power of creation fascinates me. This strange process at the origin of all things, which builds this world from which the consciousness emerges. When I draw or paint, I have a deep feeling of being carried away by this power.
The aesthetics of my works is elaborated by composition, perspective, colors and light. The realization takes place in the spontaneity and expresses itself by the gesture. The colors harmonize on the canvas. Water is an accomplice of ink on paper. The emptiness becomes form.
My artistic approach is based on three approaches: landscape, metaphorical, and abstraction. I use these approaches alternately to feed each other over time.
Nature is for me an important source of inspiration. Painting landscapes allows me to get in touch with her, physically and spiritually, in peace and quiet.
My metaphorical approach is both intuitive and conceptual. The result is a work of curiosity and reflection, requiring interpretation by the observer.
My abstractions come from a creative impulse without preconceived ideas. The unconscious expresses itself. The work is realized spontaneously over the course of the gestures. An atmosphere is born, an emotional rendering materializes, the creation evolves towards inspiring forms. I finalize by focusing on the key elements that will determine the title of the work.
Painting and drawing are for me a mode of expression by which I wish to provoke emotion and sometimes to provoke reflection. It is an activity that makes me happy and gives me the opportunity to open myself to inspiration.
I wish my art makes a positive contribution to the beauty of the world.