I experience migraines. Then, I paint.

Moving past the obvious discomfort that accompanies chronic pain, allowing the migraine to do its thing is my process. The challenge is to be present in the chaos, to absorb the visual symphony playing out in my mind’s eye. Texture, dimensionality, movement, and color star in the narrative. Some notes are peaceful and poetic while others discordant. These mystical images recede, shift, radiate and pulse, becoming more vibrant and vivid with every capture! Often I paint through a migraine, but when I can’t, I’m able to recall the imagery at a later time, and commit that to canvas. 

My work is a constant search to best represent the three and often four dimensional images of my mind onto a two dimensional, flat surface. Each piece I create evolves from a meditative and introspective process, wherein I become one with my art: It is being aware in that moment, being mindful, acknowledging the pain, and losing myself to all that unfolds. Often, completing a painting acts as a release, and reminds me that my mind can do more than just process pain: It can transform pain into beauty.