Linda Hendrickson was offspring to a mother who encouraged creativity from an early age. Fearless of messes, Harrriett inspired her children to delve right into finger paints, papier-mâché, and mud pies. Nurtured with such joyous enthusiasm, Linda’s curiosity and creative bent only heightened with each passing year.   Piano lessons were a must for Linda and her brothers, but they never captured her passion like drawing.  “I followed every “how to draw” book every published” claims Linda.


Upon earning Fine Arts and teaching degrees, Linda began sharing this exuberant passion for art and beauty with her own students.


Along with teaching, Linda traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe. On her journeys, she endeavored to seek out and explore famous objects of art and architecture. In addition to taking advantage of each regions’s indigenous art history, Linda sought creative outlets for her own ideas…. including, working as a freelance designer for needlework and craft book publishers. After more than five hundred of such projects in print, Linda decided to 

return her focus to painting and stirring the imagination of the creative child within.


Banding together with a group of like-minded artists, Linda helped establish a traveling workshop of painters. The wanderlust troop sought inspiration in colorful destinations such as France, Mexico and Greece, where they explored, sketched, encouraged, critiqued, and honed their craft. Their most recent adventure allowed them to retrace the steps of the Canadian Impressionists known as “The Group of Seven”. The expedition culminated in the dynamic show “Six Artists, Three Countries”.


Stateside, Linda and husband Jim enjoy extended trips to Glacier National Park, where the couple met while working at the historic Lake Mc Donald Lodge. These much treasured retreats to Montana provide the opportunity to reconnect with nature through skiing, hiking and reflection. As an artist, she is constantly drawing inspiration from the glacier’s breathtaking ecosystem…plein air painting or relaxing in the rich alpine meadows or alongside spectacular, tranquil lakes.


Inspired by nature, Linda carries a moleskin sketch book and uses snippets of time to record all around her.  This hones her  drawing skills and captures the essence of whenever she is and whatever she is doing.  Recently she was walking her dog near the lake and saw turtles lined up sunning themselves on a log.  Over the next month she painted a mixed media viewer favorite “Log Jam” 24” X 48”.


On another early morning walk there were Canada Geese headed toward her waddling from where they bedded overnight. Linda recounts the incident “to me they seemed to be discussing their strategy—-the ‘Leader’ says to George, ‘you take the lady, I’ll take the dog, and Myrtle, Gertrude and Agnes…you get the teens to the lake!  Burt, bring up the rear!’  After waddling to within twenty feet they took to the air over our heads.  I couldn’t wait to get home and gesso the 24” X 48” canvas for “23 Pond Waddle Way’’.  Mixed media map pieces from Canadian waterways, stenciled polka dots, and pieces from Linda’s sketchbook make this canvas a treasure.


When she is not on the road, Linda conducts painting seminars for aspiring artists. She has taught classes privately in her newly finished workshop and previously through the Loudoun Academy for the Arts Foundation.  Her own pieces have been exhibited  in the Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tours, various galleries, shows and competitions. It is not unusual to find her work hanging in Northern Virginia wineries, where she herself can often be found painting in the bucolic setting of the vineyards.


Life long learning is a goal for Linda.  She has taken numerous workshops with Robert Burridge and Tara Funk Grim. Her online studies continue daily. Presently she is taking a course with Art Business Academy taught by Xanadu Gallery owner, Jason Horejs.


Every painting, including plein air pieces, begin with a "doodle start".  Canvas, 300# watercolor paper or boards are gessoed.  Then the surface is "toned" using bright, pure, pigments applied in drips, dribbles and large brush strokes.  This playful approach done in an intuitive manner creates layers.  Each successive layer is allowed to dry creating paintings that are inventive, fresh and full of pentimento.  Lines, texture, mixed media, sketches and more make their way into the painting.  Like a hiking trail, with each step through different terrain the painting progresses until the happy subject emerges.


In recent years, Linda has found a satisfying niche in whimsical pet portraiture. Combining her love of animals, nature and color, she explores bold techniques to capture endearing “critter” personalities on canvas. Three of her larger than life pet portraits were recently selected to brighten and warm the walls of the DuPont/ Nemours Childrens' Hospital in Delaware. Like all of her work, and the beloved creatures who inspire them, Linda hopes they bring boundless joy.