I'm an artist. I've always been an artist. I've been to schools and colleges, and workshops, and I've had mentors and classes and various forms of instruction when instruction was needed. I don't do the "R" word (resume)....lets just say if I did, it would be very colorful. I absolutely love my work....all of all it's varied forms, and I morph continually. Keeps life interesting.

Another interesting part of my life is the co-operative between my adult  AUTISTIC son and myself on art projects. Most of the wall pieces were created with Zak. He cannot initiate creativity, but he enjoys the process, some of which must be hand on hand to complete. Careful designing, planning and preparation is necessary to facilitate working with Zak....but once we start a project he becomes very animated. Working creatively enables him, gives him a challenge, self esteem and a sense of purpose. We work on multiple tasks together during the creation of a piece....everything from math problems to fine motor skills to penmanship! The duo is known as "Zak & Mom", and if you'd like to meet Zak, visit my web-site:    

Zak Rocks!

Most of what is posted on this site is currently at if you are interested in making a purchase, please contact me to confirm the availability of the piece.