My work is quite symbolic, placed between representational and abstract, looking to construct meaning on the relativity of colors’ interactions and simplified forms. Symbolism resonates into my actual practice as unveiled during my fascination with the “violinists.”

Since 2015, I have been exploring “female violinists” as my theme. The female violinist stands for culture, it stands for connecting body and mind meanwhile the viewer can relate the sense of looking to the sense of listening to colors. Our senses: looking, listening, touching… unifies body and mind, giving a feeling of wholeness, of present presence. This experience defines an Aesthetic of Contemplation close to the unifying experience of meditation or truth as perception.

This feeling of transcendence is what viewers are looking for while visiting museums and galleries, attending to concerts and having a relationship with certain types of music. The perception is the bridge, the means to transcend the “split.” The artwork is the material cultural means that offer the possibility of transcendence language for the sensitive soul.

Above all, my work with female violinists is my way to explore a unique expression of our humanity. Images that appeal to the sense of listening as much to looking.It is by decoding and encoding the same image again and again, translating it on different media when I embrace the chance to create a plurality of meaning and signification that can affect the viewer and release an individual sensorial response.

A theme or composition as a constant element makes repetition the means of exploration. Refering to the "violinist" a wide range of artworks are created by applying a diverse range of media, as painting, printmaking (etching, linocuts and monotypes), collages and installations. Furthermore, repetition offers the opportunity to deeper my relationship with the chosen composition, inviting to ceaseless experimentations.