Olivia Wilder first found her love of painting in 1972 in weekly classes at the now-defunct Studio B Art Supplies in Old Town Scottsdale, with artist Joni Falk (http://jonifalk.com/) but her love of creating art began with obsessive drawing from around the age of 9, when she would copy comic book characters and models and "design" gowns and clothing under the covers with a flashlight after her mom had tucked her in. Though she continued drawing throughout her high school years, it wasn't until she moved to Scottsdale that she felt the call to paint in oil, a passion that has continued and grown.

Her own favorite artists and inspiration are those who create a painting that somehow draws her in to create a story of the scene, sometimes very detailed, because of the colors, the light, the subject matter, the emotions that they make her feel. Edward Hopper is one of those, and for her, one of her favorite artists among a group of many. She is compelled to paint something that jumps at her, begging her to paint it because of one or more of the aforementioned components, and she works most often from her own photographs from her constant companions: her phone and her camera.

In addition to her painting, she also has hosted an interview podcast online for the past nearly 9 years, and has interviewed over 600 celebrities, chefs, musicians and authors. That show, "Olivia Wilder Times" can be found on iTunes and at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/olivia. Her online presence is under her middle and maiden names combined, and she signs her paintings likewise. She also teaches painting through the City of Scottsdale and privately.

Her paintings are held in private collections in Beverly Hills, Chicago, St. Paul, Boston, Miami, Seattle, the Napa Valley, Pebble Beach, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Website: https://oliviawilderart.wordpress.com

Email: oliviawilder@gmail.com