My watercolor paintings appear to be realistic … but they are thoughtfully conceived, strategically designed, and carefully drawn around abstract shapes, values, colors, movement, and positive and negative spaces.  I believe that my approach gives my work a more contemporary feel, and results in paintings which convey my personal reaction to my subject, not merely the visual facts.


I have been a passionate “plein air” painter for many years, and take tremendous pleasure from painting outdoors, on location, wherever I am inspired by the landscape.  Recently, I have been spending more in my studio, where I can slow down my brush and take more time to design and craft my paintings with the utmost of care, to create the most impact in my work and communicate with my viewers as effectively as possible.  I have discovered a new fascination with the clothed human figure, and have been focusing on telling stories, through the use of grouping, cropping, and placement of the figures within my picture plane.


Education is tremendously important.  I earned two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree, before embarking on my path as a painter.  I continue to study art whenever possible, and I also teach painting and drawing classes and workshops.   I love to speak about art, share my experience and knowledge, and help my students achieve greater success.


I was recently honored as “One to Watch” for 2014, by Watercolor Artist Magazine. And in 2015 one of my paintings will be exhibited at the 148th Annual International Exhibition of the prestigious American Watercolor Society.  I am a signature member of several professional associations, most notably the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, the North East Watercolor Society, and the Southern Watercolor Society.