Heaven-born mixed-media, multi-visual creative Spirit working in a variety of disciplines such as Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Installation, and Performance Art; with a recent and ongoing interest in Photography Dune-Micheli Patten started pursuing his professional career seriously in 2002. Houston-based, although world-focused, Dune-Micheli is largely a self-taught artist and is always in search and support for artistic research and development. He combines these disciplines to construct an art that is both abstract and conceptual while being relationally narrative. He creates to relate to why he creates in the first place. This is not so much a question but rather, an act of praise. Art-making, as with any practice, should be approached with diligence and purpose of action. Moreover, Patten believes that creating art is integral to not only the creation and expression of life but also the extension of life. I work from a point of reference that approaches art as a means to reconcile our human existence here, in our local urban landscape, with our eternal existence. Dune-Micheli has shown and continues to show his works in group and individual exhibitions around the Houston area; as well as both nationally and internationally. However, in 2001, a promising career was almost ended when, in the Fall of that year, Dune fell victim of an near-death automobile accident. During his time of recovery, Dune turned inward to his spirituality; that is to say, a God-focused spirituality. Seeking peace- listening to music and reading poetry- which also, he began, again, to read books. In this, he says, “My passion was slowly restored. This restoration led me to explore a new way of thinking and using my art.” His spiritual strength, passion, and fortitude led to his miraculous recovery and first major installation project titled, “Treasures in Jars of Glass: Modern-Day Essenes,” at Project Row Houses- Third Ward, TX; which gained the attention of, and offer to submit proposals to, major institutions and Museums- in particular, The Gates Foundation and The Seattle Art Museum. This installation resonated with the spirit of discovered truth and his testimony. Dune says, “Art is not simply communication. For me, art is a substantial transference of energy; with the Spirit at the core of it. Art should say nothing; but it should be true and resonate everything. Art should be spherical; going in all directions but still having a specific point- it’s origin. In my opinion, if art communicated more than one thing, then it lies to itself and to the audience. To this mean, I have sought to develop a style in which to ‘speak’ without compromising my position of not using art solely as a communicative tool. I had to somehow fit my ideal into a form in which art and communication could reasonably merge and become one flesh. In doing this, I was faced with the challenge of appropriating a language in which communication would be clearly understood.” Furthermore, He says, “Everything became referential- words, text, signs, symbols; everything. A spherical collection. In all this, while maintaining a childlike innocence and sensibility to keep it simple and pure, a language library began to emerge. This two year journey was the birth of my new style which I have termed URBAN EXPRESSIONISM- copyright 2002” Patten's numerous venues, galleries, and museums- local, national, and international- include: Missouri1521 Gallery, Lawndale Art Center, Project Row Houses, Houston Community College Fine Art Gallery, Inman Gallery, The ArtHouse at the Jones Center- Austin, Reflect-Arts, Inc-New York, Dunn & Brown Contemporary, FineSilver Gallery-San Antonio, The Art Car Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts-Houston, Commerce Street Artists' Warehouse, Rick Wells’ Studio, DIG 101 Gallery, The BathHouse Cultural Center- Dallas, Gallery1724, The Studio Gallery, Rice University, Vox Culture Houston, Deborah Colton Gallery, Midtown Art Center, Millennio Gallery- IT, and Aeroquipa- Peru; with past commissions and acquisitions of his work by; Washington Mutual Bank-Montrose of Houston, First Presbyterian Church-Museum District, and S.H.A.P.E. Community Center-Third Ward; and other international exhibitions in Scotland, Italy, and Africa Patten's exhibitions have been reviewed and/or mentioned in various publications such as The Public News, Houston's Other, ARTSHouston Magazine, The Third Eye, Inc., Modern Luxury-Houston Magazine, Houston Styles Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, Dazed and Confused Magazine, PaperCity Magazine, WET PAINT SYNDROME web-zine, and EAST 09- London. Also, he has made public appearances on various local and national radio shows as well as television shows such as KCOH Radio Station, 100.7 Neon Fish, KPFT, FOX26 News, ABC13, Melanie Lawson's CROSSROADS, and HMS Cable Access-17. Additionally, his work has found their way into private collections locally, nationally, and internationally.