Hi!  I’m Cyd. 

  I am a painter, sculptor, storyteller, and instructor.  I am a lifelong artist  from a long lineage of creatives.  I am a survivor and a warrior on a healing journey. I am a  believer in possibilities, a seeker of truth, and a traveler on the path of enlightenment. 

  I deeply believe that creativity is a healing, affirming, grounding path to well-being.   

Born into a multi-generational family of artists, I have always known that I would take a  creative path. For as long as I can remember, I was surrounded by people immersed in  artistic endeavors. Art has always been there, always been a part of my soul. It exists in  most of my memories…of  unconditional love, and happiness, and beauty and joy. For me,  art is the smell of turpentine, the laughter of children, the incredible beauty of color or music.  It is perhaps paint, rather than blood that flows through my veins.   

My artistic journey was nurtured from childhood. Each new medium nourishing my soul and  leaving indelible marks on my heart, from the early drawings, paintings, and carvings, to  musical proclivity to fiber art, and costume design. But it was in 1994 I found what I thought  was my true love…sculpture. I cherished the days of molding the warm brown clay into  figures, working to capture the special loving moments portrayed by each piece.   

 Eight years later, after overcoming cancer, I realized to my surprise that I no longer wanted  to work in dark clays and waxes anymore. I craved color. And thus, painting became my  medium and true love.   

Painting is my passion and my purpose.   

My commitment to creating beauty is profound. Even when – especially when – the world  and my body feel broken.   

With each challenge I’ve encountered, my dedication to seeking, celebrating, and sharing  blissful joy in my artwork has expanded. My desire for color has become more affirmed,  more pressing. And my love for the vibrant has become illuminated.   

I studied with Stephen Quiller and learned how to meld colors for the richest, most alive  palette. Flora Bowley showed me the beauty of working intuitively in layers. That knowledge  added to the many classes and workshops I had previously taken at The Loveland Academy  of Fine Arts which not only included painting and sculpture, but also anatomy and learning  the art of storytelling through gesture. My sculpture and textile background instilled a love  of texture and blending. My paintings evolved as I began to find my own unique creative voice.   

Through lupus, cancer, multiple surgeries, and other dark times in my life, my colors  emerged even brighter.   

In late 2014 I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in my dominant wrist. My only  option was to fuse it, naturally or through surgery. Rather than deterring me, the diagnosis  prompted me to think creatively about how to continue making art in new ways while I  allowed my wrist to heal naturally.   

No longer focused on my familiar fine art brushed, I used everything around me – my  fingers, palette knives, foam brushes, coffee stoppers, old pill bottles (finally found a way to  recycle them)  – and my paintings took on a fresh life that they hadn’t expressed before. I  had found a way to adapt my methods and create in a way that didn’t cause me pain. My  palette in turn reflected the richness of this new playful process.   

The result was a delightful sense of joyful abandonment. I’ve been painting this way ever  since.   

I was proudly inducted into the National Association Of Women Artists, fall 2016. It was this new style of paintings that allowed this to happen.