I was born and raised in Sarajevo, ex-Yugoslavia. I lived in a city, but spent many

happy summer and winter breaks with my family in the country, breathing fresh air

and surrounded by nature hardly touched by human hand. It was in the mountains

of Bosnia that the seed for lifelong love of nature, animals and human interaction

with them was planted in my heart. My carefree life was shuttered by the war that

fragmented the country I grew up in, and I found a new home in North America.


I worked as an optical engineer for 20 years. However, my passion to create

artistically has always been strong. I sketched and painted any chance I got while

working full time. After playing with light as an engineer, it was only natural for me

to capture subtle light conditions in my art; whether I am painting a prairie storm or

a wild animal, I always try to catch that special moment when the sun is casting just

the right shadows on the subject being portrayed. I continuously honed my artistic

skills and started showing my art publicly in 2005.


My art is inspired by a collection of images from my travels through mountains,

prairies, farmlands, deserts, and badlands. Being in nature, away from city’s hustle

and bustle makes me happy, and I hope to transfer some of these feelings on my

canvas via bright colors and thick textures. I also find inspiration in myths and

legends of different cultures.