In August 2012 I was writing in my journal when my hand started moving, "In Spirit."


"I Am Spirit.  I Am Spirit's Voice.  Inspiration flows through me."

"What is coming is beyond your perception and beyond your ability to believe."


I Am a Spiritual Intuitive.  I began painting quite surrepetitiously in October of 2012 after attending a workshop with a friend.  It was a girlfriend outing.  My friend is in university studying fine arts.  When the workshop came up I said, "Let's go!"  That afternoon was the first experience I had with the peace and joy that painting brings to me. This experience changed my life.  Each painting is truly a Visionscape of the inner sight that has been gifted to me by the Holy Spirit.  I prayer and meditate over each canvas before the first brush stroke. 




Now I paint, IN SPIRIT.  Inspired potraits of inner reflections I call, Visionscapes.






1 + 1 =3


The consummation of two unique and separate forces of God CREATES a third unique and separate force that is Divine.  This force and this coming together sends ripples throughout the Universe and we, as humanity, are never the same again.  This is why I sign each painting:


1 + 1 = 3


Each interaction with every one and every thing melds our essence and creates a new ripple.  It is a consummation, a coming together, a coupling.  This is why when we meet each other through Love and Light we have the ability to elevate the levels of peace and creativity in the world. 


As I pray before each canvas and the channel comes, it is a coupling with the creative force.  Each painting blesses and changes me.  Each painting allows me to be unified with the Holy, the existence of Creation.  It is energy.  It is beauty. It is life. 


Feeling love.  Being loved.  Experiencing the sexiness of Divine Love is an essential part of our humanity.  It is Divine.  I am learning to flow between my corporate masculinity and my Divine Femininity in all aspects of my life. 


This is what my paintings bless my with every time I pick up a paint brush. It is my belief that as you experience each piece of my work that you feel life, energy, healing, your divinity.  I hope my art moves you to have a coupling with your inner places and know that the world has been changed by this encounter.