My story

After almost 20 years as a mediator I began living in Europe and other areas abroad, including a stint in Panama with the United States Peace Corps. In Paris we once lived in the 3rd just ten minutes by bicycle from the Louvre. I went several times a week. Rome is like living in a museum of antiquities. Living in places like this compelled me to return to art, which I had dabbled in thirty years earlier.

Reinitiating that life, I took classes and studied on my own.  My time at the Corcoran in my early 20's helped.  More recently I have studied with Justin Bua, Annette Raff, Steve Huston, Glenn Vilppu, and Darrel Tank .  Also with Teresa de la Lobera, a Spanish artist from Valencia, and a group of Spanish water-color artists.


I have long appreciated the works of Goya, Velásquez and El Greco, beginning from the time I spent in Madrid in the late 1960's. Later I was drawn to Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Gauguin, and Degas, whose dancers are among my favorite works.  Other artists I especially enjoy: Edward Hopper, Matisse, Jean and Raul Dufy and Gustave Caillebotte. Among modern Spanish artists I particularly like Jose Royo and the Valencian Joaquin Sorolla. 

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