Inspired by the gift of a camera, Jenny Anne Morrison has travelled the world and seized the opportunity to interpret on canvas vibrant flamenco dancers, ballerinas, horses, landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, skies, people, places, feelings, faces; and indeed anything that has captured her eye and imagination.


In 2005, Jenny attended the Heatherly School of Fine Art in Chelsea London to study Continuing Studies, where she was taught to draw the human figure, and the art of working with many different mediums.


By the end of her first year in 2006, she had produced nine pieces of work which were selected for the end of year student exhibition.


She was amazed with the result as Heatherley’s attract very talented students from varying artistic backgrounds. Jenny hadn’t touched a pencil or paintbrush since her childhood, and she had started as a complete beginner.


She and her husband decided to celebrate her  first victory by dining in one of the restaurants in the fashionable Portobello Road, Central London. The owner of the restaurant was aware that Jenny was an artist, and she wanted to view her work.


In a very short space of time, Jenny’s paintings were adorning the walls of the restaurant, and this was the start of many sales and commissions.


At the end of her second year at Heatherley’s in 2007, she produced another seven paintings which were once again, selected for the student exhibition.


Jenny and her husband have the great good fortune to own a beautiful period property on the Costa Blanca in Spain, where the light is perfect.


It was in Spain that her work was first exhibited on a web site gallery, representing artists from many parts of the country.


It wasn’t long before her work was spotted by another fellow artist, who was about to open a new art gallery on the Costa Blanca.


In 2009, Jenny had five paintings selected for the grand opening of the Art House Gallery, and it was here that local people had the chance to view her work for the first time.


She is now building a solid clientele in Spain.


That same year, Jenny decided that she needed further training in the skills of drawing and technique, and she started the first of four training modules at one of  North America’s most prestigious Art Colleges – The Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, Canada.



She commutes between Spain, Canada and London, and has a global list of clients who love her colourful collection.


In 2010, she was once again represented at the Art House Gallery, and back in London, her work was chosen for an exhibition held at Taplow Court in Maidenhead, home of the Buddhist Organisation SGI UK, entitled “Buddha Mind – Creative Mind”.


Then in May 2012, she staged her first solo exhibition at the famous Tabernacle on the Portobello Road in Central London, which proved to be the perfect location.


She sold fifty pieces which was a combination of canvases, paintings behind glass, small card sized individually painted pieces and limited edition prints.


In 2013, Jenny was invited to exhibit her work at a ‘Grand Summer Ball’ in Spain, which was an event to raise money for people fighting cancer. She also supported another charity for homeless animals, and was able to help raise funds for a dog to be transported back to the UK to a loving home.


She has a special love of animals, and is in the process of building a collection of animal portraits.


In November 2013, Jenny was able to stage a private exhibition in her Spanish home, and the house proved to be the perfect venue. She welcomed 150 guests who were keen to see her work, and a collection of pieces were sold to clients from different parts of Europe.


She is now in the early planning stages of her next exhibition to be held in May, and this will be together with the animal charity.


Her main objective as an artist is to inspire hope, to lift the spirit, to elevate the soul and to give inner peace, joy and happiness.