I was raised in the stunning Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  Even though I live in Texas now,  I'm really just a hillbilly gal at heart with simple tastes.  

I've always enjoyed "taking pictures", but it wasn't until I got my first digital camera in 2005 that I fell in love with photography.   As I learned and practiced more, what started out as a hobby that I loved quickly became a passion.  I  found I have an eye for natural light and a talent for setting a mood and telling a story with my images.  Often being more on the darker side, my work has often been described as moody, mysterious, haunting, evocative.....

I work primarily in fine art conceptual photography and commercial photography.
I don't tend to follow the trends in photography and I've been told that I'm slightly intimidating (who? me?).  I do my own thing and let each image come from deep inside.  My moods usually dictate the direction the work goes.   

My work has been published worldwide on the covers of books by bestselling authors, through my commercial agent Arcangel Images

I have also been published in Vogue Italia and was a winner of the Project Imagint10n contest by Ron Howard and Canon.    I am a contributing photographer for The Foundation for Photo Art, which offers free images to hang on the walls in hospitals worldwide.
Wife, mom of two girls  and a Chinese Shar-pei, photographer, artist,  and Texas hillbilly...  and you'll love me.