CHOLLA CHAMBERS ~ Lifespan : 5/20/85 ~ 3/22/13 A Supreme Being Who Changed the World. An International Award Winning Artist, who happened to be a Horse. Cholla lived to be 28 years old and was owned by Renee Chambers, her one and only horse, a trained ballerina who acquired the highly intelligent Mustang Quarter Horse Mix when he was just 4 years old. He had been cowboyed in a way which left him with a volatile side. Over the years she eventually gained his trust, Cholla watched Renee paint his white corral fences each year and in May of 2004 she tacked a piece of water color paper to the fence, showed him one uneducated stroke, held out the brush to him, Cholla, unhaltered, took it in his teeth and stroked the paper. The next day he transitioned to the easel without hesitation. His painting career began! He obtained group and solo shows Internationally. His Limited Edition Giclees have sold in 32 US States and on 3 Continents. Searching CHOLLA CHAMBERS will reveal many images, videos and press about Cholla's Amazing Innate Talent. He was a Masterpiece himself !