Kathy E. Walker Bio
At age 7, my family moved from Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona. I had had early health problems and my parents felt I would do better in the new climate. While bed ridden from surgeries as a child, I filled up tablets full of drawings — mostly horses.  In high school I would pack up my Dad's truck and go to various art shows in Phoenix.  I sold enough paintings to pay for part of my college education.
I enjoyed my school art classes in Phoenix and went on to Northern Arizona University where I majored in commercial art. After college I moved to Denver, Colorado and began my career in graphic design and web design. A few years ago my passion for my fine art started surfacing again.  Over the last few years, I was in four different small galleries throughout Colorado.
I owned a couple of horses for eight years and had the time of my life.  I even worked on the ground training of a young filly. This experience has given my work authenticity and understanding of how horses communicate.  The flick of an ear, the roll of an eye, the toss of the head can have a lot of meaning.
This year I have moved back to my roots –- the Phoenix, Arizona area. I'm really enjoying connecting up with the local art community and look to branch out to other areas in Arizona with my work.
My personal goals for my art are that they are an expression and illustration of my passions in life. I love the West with the horses, animals, big open skys, mountains and plains. I greatly enjoy watching someone who really relates to and knows how to ride a horse. It’s an art form in motion. I’m intrigued by the Native Americans and the incredible details and colors of their Pow Wow costuming. I am constantly learning, growing and seeing a little bit more with each painting.
My preferred medium is definitely acrylics. I work out of my home and appreciate the easy clean up with no need for smelly chemicals to clean my brushes. I’ve had many people assume my paintings were oils. Acrylics have their limitations and quirks. Sometimes it’s tricky developing work-arounds. But overall I enjoy working with them as my medium.
I hope that anyone that owns my work would just have their lives brighten a bit when they view the painting as an expression of my passions.