"John brings his painter's eye to his photography. His work shows an amazing skill in photographing a diversity of subjects, interpreting them both realistically and abstractly." Elinor Stecker-Orel, Associate Dean, New York Institute of Photography, New York, NY

"Good, strong, original work." Mr. Ivan Karp, O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York, NY

Why do I create art?  Because I have to:  my hand found a pencil at an early age and I was instantly pleasurably addicted, in a very literal sense of the word.  I could no more not make art than I could successfully quit eating or breathing.

As a young child around the age of four or five I drew well enough that adults would ask if I had traced or freehand drawn my subjects; I had drawn them freehand.

As I grew into my pre-teen years I filled reams of paper and many notebooks with drawings as I developed a love for all of the tools of art: pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, papers; and I also became a calligrapher and an amateur sign maker.

In my early teenage years I became interested in both painting and photography, and I developed just as an intense love of those disciplines as I had for drawing.

From an early age I was a student of art, continuously studying everything I could get my hands on, and eventually I studied art formally at Angelo State University and I also graduated from the New York Institute of Photography.

As I’ve grown as an artist over the years one thing that I’ve learned is that no one ever masters the craft; there’s always the possibility to do better, to learn more, and there are also new avenues to explore, new things to try, and refinements to past techniques.

And those are the things that make being an artist so frustrating, and so challenging, and so infinitely rewarding.  Especially when a person I’ve never known stands before one of my works of art and it speaks to them and arouses them emotionally, and maybe even inspires enough passion within them that they purchase my art and take it home to live with.

Art…it’s one of the oldest–and I believe best–forms of communication that there is.


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Education/Professional Studies 

Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas, studied as an art major pursuing teaching certification

New York Institute of Photography, Instructor: Elinor Stecker-Orel, Certificate of Graduation in Professional Photography, NYC

PhotoPlus Expo Seminar, Jacob Javits Convention Center, NYC

PhotoPlus Expo Seminar, Jacob Javits Convention Center, NYC

Nikon School, NYC


Selected collections U.S. and abroad:

Denis and Irene Carton, Ireland

Erik Overgaard, Oslo, Norway

Collector's name withheld, Brazil

Pat and August Komarnicki, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Gomez Mill House, Marlboro, NY (Gift) 

Deborah Davidson, New York, NY 

Kathy Roeder, New York, NY

Jim O'Connor, Queens, NY

Robert McAndrews, Riverdale, NY

Marjorie Brinberg, Riverdale and Cornwall, NY; Palm Coast, FL 

Judy Grad, McLean, VA 

Bill Smith, Denver, CO 

John Liptrap, Spring, TX  

Mari Workman, Owner, Calla Gallery, San Angelo, TX


Some previous Shows & Exhibitions

Focal Point Gallery, City Island, NY

Belle Levine Art Gallery, Mahopac, NY

Museum of the Hudson Highlands, Cornwall, NY

Village Gift Shop, Riverdale, NY

The Funding Center, Alexandria, VA

American Society of Interior Designers National Headquarters, Washington, D.C

The Michael Stone Collection, McLean, VA

The Michael Stone Collection, Washington, D.C.

The Michael Stone Collection "Art in Public Spaces" Programs, D.C. and VA

Infinity Enterprises Show, Seattle, WA

Infinity Enterprises Show, Dallas, TX

Canaan Gallery and Interior Designs, Midland, TX

Gallery 1114, Midland, TX

Houston Harte Gallery, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX

Calla Gallery, San Angelo, TX

Iman's Gallery, San Angelo, TX

Kendall Art Gallery, San Angelo, TX