Barbara Peterson is a formally trained artist who earned her B.F.A. from New York's prestigious Pratt Institute.  Preferring to paint in a realistic yet symbolic style, Peterson alters dimension in her paintings so that still life and landscape meet.  Barbara often uses fruit or still life objects to depict human emotions and experiences in her paintings. 

Barbara was born and raised in New York City.  She enjoyed the diversity of cultures and customs of her classmates and neighbors.  Barbara excelled in her studies and particularly in both mathematics and art.  Barbara is also fond of poetry and illustration -- things which tell a story in an unusual way.

A densely populated city such as New York can bring with it a yearning for open spaces, greenery, and peaceful uncluttered atmospheres.  In the nearby zoo and botanic garden where Barbara grew up she could sit and contemplate life.  The warmth of the sun, the wind rustling through leaves as birds flit about, the sounds -- or stillness -- of nature created a haven for Barbara to sit and think.

Barbara contemplates situations or emotions she wishes to convey and then searches her environment for the objects, subjects or tools to convey her thoughts.  In her mind she asks how each element in the painting relates to the others, examining the disparate parts to see how they all work together.

Barbara is thankful for her formal art training; she earned her B.F.A. with honor at Pratt Institute.  Barbara continues to improve her work through the practice of regularly painting outdoors and in her studio, visiting exhibits, and studying the work of other artists.

Barbara lives in northern New Jersey with her husband, John.