Artist's Statement 

"I began my first career in the early 1970's --- in Television --- as a FILM EDITOR and Producer of Community Affairs TV shows.  In the early '90's, a chapter of The National Association of Television Arts & Sciences awarded an HONOR to me as the Film Editor of a PBS TV News Special that won an EMMY AWARD.  After 20 years in Television I left and eventually retired after working more than a decade as an Attorney in a State's Court system.  The SKILLS I used as a former TV Film Editor enhance my work as an ABSTRACT PAINTER.  A typical day for me starts around 4 a.m.   I practice Meditation; Tai Chi; and take a long walk while observing the natural environment and wildlife in a park-like neighborhood.  I grow ORGANIC vegetables that support a primarily Vegetarian lifestyle, with 'Intermittent Fasting', no sugar (instead, 'Stevia'), and healthy fats (avocados and ghee, etc.).  My constant companion while I paint is MUSIC (jazz fushion) and my 15 year old "rescue cat").  My INTENTION as an ARTIST is to create positive and uplifting paintings that help make the world a little nicer."      --- * Lee Pierce



Lee's Art Education is mostly self-directed --- with benefits of former study at the School of a Museum of Fine Arts; a Mentor's guidance; an Art Colony; Workshops; annual Art Festivals and invitations to exhibit paintings and collages in curated &  juried Art Exhibitions. 


Other EducationB.S.S., Bachelor of Science in Communications (Film & TV) and a J.D. (Law degree)


Prizes:  Since 1995 several of Lee's paintings have won First Prizes (at a juried Art Exhibition and in an Art Contest at law school).


Major Influences include the works of:   Anni Albers; Romare Bearden; Jacob Lawrence; Wassily Kandinsky; Norman Lewis; Henri Matisse; Henri Rousseau; Alma Thomas; and Rolina van Vliet. 



Events & Publications

(2018) selected for "Art at the Center Exhibition" (Kansas)

(2017) selected for a  juried Art Exhibition (Kansas)

(Spring, 2017) Art Gallery featured Lee's work (Colorado)

(2016) Interior Designer purchased a "Lee Abstract" for a client's West Village apartment (New York City)

(2016)   juried Art Exhibition (St. Louis, Missouri)

(2016)  juried Art Exhibition (St. Louis, Missouri)

(2015 - present) Colorado-based art gallery publishes Lee's artwork on its websites

(2015) curated Art Show (St. Louis, Missouri)

(2015) featured on front page of a MENSA chapter's Newsletter(s)

(2014) published in Xanadu Gallery Art Catalogue (Holiday ed.)

(2014) Featured Artist at a gallery's "First Night Reception" (Colorado)

(2009 -2013) annual Art Festivals; family restaurants; and a Nature/Conservation Center

(2007) selected for a "Courthouse Art Exhibition

(1962 -1979) Lee's mosaic was displayed in Patients' Lounge at a Medical Clinic


Private Collections in the USA are in:   Denver, Colorado; S.E. Florida; central Illinois; Chevy Chase, Maryland; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Minneapolis, Minnesota; St. Louis, Missouri; Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey; New York City & Long Island, New York; Portland, Oregon. 

Private Collections Internationally are in: Ochsenfurt, Germany


Gallery Representation --- Lee's artwork is currently represented by several Art Galleries --- based in Arizona, California, & Colorado


* NOTE"Lee Pierce" is this Artist's "signature-name" on the artworks.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED under (c) Lee Pierce 20__ et. seq. (Copyright Act, 1976).  With no limits to rights under copyright reserved here, no images on this Artist's webpage/ site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means (e.g., digital transmission, photocopying, electronic transmission, etc.) without prior written consent of the copyright Owner (here, Lee Pierce).