Before smart phones were developed, I had designed a website called Starlark. I used a pseudonym Starlark to  sign my fantasy and faery themed works.  In the faery gallery you will see that signature on most of the work. Not to confuse, but before I was Jeanne Lloyd some of my paintings show my signature as Jeanne Jones.  I now sign all my work Jeanne Lloyd my  real name.


I have been drawing and painting since I was a child and I have an active imagination. I am mostly self taught. Graduated from Platt Graphic Arts School (many years ago before photoshop, everything was done with pen and ink  by hand).


However most of my adult life I worked jobs that kept me away from my real passion, painting. I did find a little time to squeeze in some painting.


Commissioned works include:



Large Interior murals.

Painted designs on T-Shirts, etc


Taught oil painting to a group of students in the gifted class at Playa Del Rey Elementary School. Culver City, CA


Taught myself web design using Dreamweaver

Taught myself digital art and computer painting using photoshop


Now retired. My children (4) have long gone from the nest with kids of their own so this time is mine to explore my creativity, YES!


I have a whole line of t-shirts, notes, cards, posters etc.  that may be purchased online (see where to buy links)


My latest endeavor is the genre of steampunk!  This grandma loves Steampunk! There is such freedom of imagination for both the dark side and the friendly and romantic side. The robotic age of steampunk is here! 

I have my studio in my home in Krum,TX.