S’zanne Reynolds founded her Austin based company, Studio Zanne, in painting and photography. Her travels across America and abroad provide much of the inspiration for her "plein air" explorations of the great outdoors and of a timeless sense of place. A member of the American Impressionist Society, Reynolds' artwork enjoys a growing global audience and is collected throughout the US, as well as Europe.

After a 15 year career in the advertising and publishing industries with companies like SicolaMartin, GSD&M and Harcourt, Reynolds returned to fine art with a bold vision of her surroundings, expressed in strong images, brilliant color and a style uniquely her own. Described as seemingly effortless, her work explores a spontaneous approach to the impressionistic landscape and provocative portrait, capturing a mood or expression with a clarity and candor of brushstrokes.

Reynolds studied under contemporary masters including Ann Templeton, Huihan Liu, Peggy Kroll-Roberts and Lesley Rich. Early influences on her career include Wolf Kahn, Paul Gauguin, the Blue Rider German expressionists. After post-graduate fine art studies in France, her European explorations included painting in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and England.

She has served as faculty at the Contemporary Austin Art School, formerly Austin Museum of Art’s Laguna Gloria Art School, and offers workshops in her local and visited communities. Reynolds earned a BA in Fine Art in Illinois and a BFA in Graphic Design in Texas. Painting and photographing, she continues to expand her creative reach through her travels; Reynolds is currently venturing out on painting tours across the US in her Skyline travel trailer while checking out other art scenes around the country.

To see more of this artist’s work, or for more information on commissions and workshops, please contact Xanadu Gallery or visit her website at StudioZanne.com.