Award winning Arizona Artist, Lucy Dickens, has created a unique story-like approach to landscape painting which has the Fine Art Community and collectors a buzz. Dickens selects a glorious image and transforms it into a narrative pictorial on canvas. Her landscape paintings convey an emotional reaction that pulls the viewer into scenes of beautiful tranquility, “I paint landscapes because I’m drawn to moments that take my breath away, a scene that has a power and intensity, a sense of the divine that draws me in. It’s those moments of beauty and light that cause me to reflect and to give thanks, these fleeting illustrations of nature’s grandeur that I strive to capture. There is a story in these segments of time, and therefore, a story in all my paintings. I am a Fine Art Story-Teller.”- Dickens. Her paintings are individual windows created to instantly transport the viewer to an authentic place and time; to take a journey and find serenity.

Dickens uses her spiritual love of nature, color and balance to evoke feelings of tranquility and refection. “Being a landscape artist living in the majestic state of Arizona is a privilege as well as a choice. There are few places on earth where you can enjoy the morning on a glorious lake cut by glaciers and rising red rocks, then have lunch watching a gentle snowfall in a quiet forest, then end the day watching a sunset standing on the rim of the largest canyon in the world! Arizona is an artist’s paradise and as an artist I am dedicated to capturing this on canvas and in word.” Dickens

Her artist journeys do not end with Arizona, Dickens and her husband are frequent travelers and she is never without her journal and camera capturing these experiences. Her journey to Tuscany, Italy through the many wine fields, cobblestone streets, and seaside villages gave way to her Portraits of Italy series. Journey through the Holy Lands was inspired by their trip of a lifetime visiting many of the world’s holiest and most historic sites throughout Turkey and Israel and Greece.

Lucy is unique in her approach to exhibitions, as a storyteller, she shares with each painting the story that accompanies it. It is rare for an artist to share what inspired her to paint a given subject including her thoughts and inner reflections. “My art is such a reflection of my heart and soul and my “stories” are an important part of each painting. There is a story evolving all around us and my hope is to inspire others through my images and words.” Dickens

With awards, juried exhibitions and editorials accumulating, it’s clear that Lucy Dickens is establishing herself as one of the premiere landscape artists of her day.