Lisa Larrabee is a fine artist painting and teaching in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona.  She is currently working as core faculty at the Southwest University of Visual Arts.  She returned to Tucson after graduating summa cum laude with an excellent education from the Kansas City Art Institute.  Lisa has also earned a Master of Education.  

Portraiture has always been a favorite genre. She loves the challenge of combining accuracy and observation with the intangible qualities of each individual subject. Lisa’s love of the portrait was enhanced by the birth of her twin boys.  Painting them was such a personal and gratifying experience.

Although Lisa began working as a traditional portrait artist, she found inspiration in the colors and patterns of landscapes.  She began experimenting with combining portraits and landscapes in ways that manipulated boundaries and allowed for similar patterns, colors and values to merge.  

While developing these landscape inspired portraits, Lisa also began focusing specifically on landscape painting.  Her landscapes often capture a sense of atmosphere,  rich color and lost edges typical of Tonalism.  Other paintings focus on the repeating patterns and negative spaces of trees.  Some are a combination of both.  

As her series of landscape paintings develop, so do her figurative landscapes.  These paintings imply a connection, both physically and symbolically, between the figure and their surroundings and are increasingly allegorical.  Lisa’s working process is evolving, but her direction is clear, “I want my paintings to be elegant and ethereal; more poetic than literal.”