I am a psychotherapist, creativity coach, and artist from Evergreen, CO. I am deeply inspired by the beauty of the natural world and paint abstract landscapes.  I am a member of Sync Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado and also exhibit at several art galleries in the area. I also am on the faculty for the Therapeutic Writing Institute, where I teach creativity courses online. 

In my painting process I draw upon the Alchemical concepts of Spirit in Matter and the connection between heaven and earth, that magical juncture of sky and land. I strive to invoke that which is mystical, through shifting light and color and non-objective form.

I spend a long time gathering images, observing color and energy, discerning what is central to the concept that I wish to capture through abstraction.  When I begin to work, I start from the accumulation of those concepts, but at some point, I enter into a dialogue with my work and allow the relationship between myself and the subject matter and the canvas to emerge.  This is respectful and natural to me.  Long ago, I realized that while I was in charge of some part of the creative process, something larger was speaking through me that I needed to honor.  In the end, if I have done that, the painting feels true and good.

I believe that whatever I create, comes through me as a gift in some respect and that it is my job, my responsibility to pay attention to the thunder of form, the symphony of color that is clamoring to be seen, waiting to be heard and then figure out how to render that in a physical form.  For me, to make art, is to respond to a spiritual imperative, to that which has soulful resonance for me.  If I give myself to this process, I am involved in creating a world, not unlike one that Paul Klee describes when he says, “Everything vanishes around me, and works are born as if out of the void. Ripe, graphic fruits fall off. My hand has become the obedient instrument of a remote will.”