Geri Dunn   -  Western Graphite Artist


Background and Training

Geri was born in 1967 in Lawndale, CA. Nine years later, Geri and her family moved to Santa Ynez Valley, a small rural area just north of Santa Barbara. From the time her family moved, Geri picked up a pencil and started drawing. Since that time, Geri has nurtured her natural gift to draw, being mentored by Daryl Desmond and Oregon University Art Professor, Carl Seyboldt.  Her artwork has been greatly influenced by Robert "Shoofly" Shufelt, Frank McCarthy, Paul Calle, William Matthews and Frederick Remington. Although Geri called the Santa Ynez Valley her home for 32 years, she currently resides in Carrollton, Texas with her husband and her two shelties.

Exhibitions and Festivals

Geri has participated in several one-person art shows, including the Solvang Gallery, Grossman Gallery, The C Gallery and the Wildling Museum. She has participated in several outdoor art festivals, including many invitation-only events.


Santa Ynez Valley Journal  - June, 2010

Artist Statement

Geri Knew from an early age that her passion was art. Geri's interest in the West manifested itself through childhood drawings, and impressions gathered while growing up in a small town, rich with ranching history. A self-confessed dreamer, Geri strives to go beyond just the basic techniques of drawing, trying to convey the mood and feeling of the subject in all her drawings. Geri enjoys creating each new piece of graphite artwork, and contines to excel in honing her skills as an artist. Geri currently lives in Carrollton, Texas with her husband and her two Shelties, Alex and Nicholas.