I want to welcome you to my artist page. I was told to give a short biography, though I am not sure it is possible but I will try.
My View of the World: As far back as I can remember my view of the world was based on colors. The happiest day of my early childhood was the Crayola 64 count. My mind immediately started seeing everything based on these shades. Later I was given my first oil paints and I was able to expand my view. But always it was the tiny shades of colors. I remember crying once in frustration because the painting I was working on didnt look exactly like the photo I was working with. I exclaimed to my art teacher that I didnt understand it because I did the colors exactly as they were on the photo. He gently explained that I saw the world differently. When I paint a painting or a person. I try to get you to see and feel the colors as I do. The minute shades of colors all evoke a deep primal need in me more important than trivial things like eating, breathing and sleeping.
Art History
Starting at the age of seven when she sold her first artwork then at ten when she drew her first portrait she decided to become a famous artist in the history books. Although she has many art festivals that she has participated in her primary focus has been on museum shows or placement of paintings in permanent collections in museums. Of the many museum solo and group shows her favorite museum has been the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Periodically they would invite a select group of Oklahoma artists to show in a 1-3 day show in their museum. Permanent museum collections include the Comanche Heritage Museum ( http://www.comanchemuseum.com/ ), The Cherokee Heritage Center Museum http://www.cherokeeheritage.org/ and The Cowboys of Color Museum http://www.cowboysofcolor.org/ . Recent shows include the IHADLA Benefit auction/dinner