Gregg is a self taught artist in many diciplines, drawing, stone sculpture and caring in a variety of media including exotic hard woods, antler and fossil bone and many other organic materials.  

From 1970 to 1980 he worked studying anthropology and archaeology in New Mexico and this has been a great influence in his work.

For 22 years he worked in the Japanese carving tradition of Netsuke, Okimono and Ojime.  In addition to this dicipline he sculpts in stone and wood and is constantly experimenting with combining media while still maintaining a tradiontional and orgainic esccetic to his work.  Gregg designs jewelry and works in both silver and 24k gold and often combines organic with precious metals and makes only one of a kind pieces.

Gregg' swork is inspired by the nature as well as the human condition and culture.  He often combines the two which is evident in his anthropomorphic and archetypal figures, which have a familiarity and yet are fresh and new.

All of the the tools used in both the Japanese traditional work as well as the larger stone work are hand made, a skill aquired from the artist father and which was very much a part of his traditional Italian lineage.

Gregg's work is in many prominent art collections, both in America and Japan where he has exibited for the past 30 years.