Susan Redeker creates paintings to be enjoyed by the viewer yet challenges them to look beyond the colors and texture of her work. Susan's style, rooted in figurative training with Philip Pearlstein at Pratt Institute, embellished by her father's sense of of humor in his drawings, and extended by her own vision for color and texture, primarily entertains the viewer's eye.

The human form, always front and center in her works, brings energy and emotion to attract the viewer. The message suggested by the artist to the viewer, however, encourages the viewer to reflect on their personal reactions to the painting before them. A viewer may either accept the painting for their personal visual pleasure or take that challenge to see where their thoughts may take them.

Her paintings begin with a concept sketched out on paper and then transferred to canvas. Most pieces feature a dominant color scheme for the acrylic mixed media assemblage. The color choice typically drives the overall visual impact of each piece. Other colors and materials are worked in to flush out a richer, textured painting.

Remember, the artist wants you to have fun with her work at first viewing and then take the image to where ever your thoughts might lead you.